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Low-Cost Calling Service “LINE Call” and Sale of Call Credit Now Open on Android!

Download the most recent version of LINE, released today, and you’ll be able to use LINE Call, which lets you call phones anywhere for 67% to 97% cheaper than regular smartphone calls. A version of LINE with this new feature for iPhones will also be released at a later date. Sales of Call Credit that can be used with LINE Call have also started on the LINE Web Store.
Buy from the LINE Web Store for special offers
You can buy 30-day plans from the LINE Web Store. Buy Call Credit from the LINE Web Store to get bonus credit.

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With LINE Call you can:
- Call family, classmates, co-workers, and others even if they don’t have LINE installed.
- Call and make reservations at restaurants, beauty parlors, and other businesses.
- Use cheaper calls for work-related phone conversations.
- Call to request redeliveries of mail, pizza delivery, and more.
- Call friends who are overseas for work, study, or travel.
Use LINE Call for all of the above and more and watch your phone bill shrink. Go to the LINE Web Store now and buy Call Credit or a 30-day plan.

Please Note
- LINE Call can only be used on LINE versions 4.1 or above for Android.
- Call Credit purchased through the LINE Web Store or Android App will be valid for 180 days after the date of purchase.
- 30-day plans may only be used to call specific countries or devices. Please only purchase them for countries or phone numbers you call often.
- Unused balance on 30-day plans cannot be carried over once the period has ended.

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