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Creators’ Stickers Now On Sale!

Stickers submitted by creators to the open sticker platform, LINE Creators Market, have finally gone on sale today!


Find the perfect set for your style from hundreds of stickers. Whether it’s your artistic friend’s creative doodles or the designs of an independent illustrator halfway across the globe, you’ll find it here on LINE Creators Market.





Browse and purchase creators’ stickers today!



How to Purchase Creators’ Stickers

The following steps apply for both PCs and smartphones.

1. Log in to LINE Web Store. You will need to register your email address on the smartphone version of LINE beforehand by going to “Settings” > “Accounts.”

2. Check out the “Popular Creators' Stickers” on the top page, or select “Creators’ Stickers” from the menu and find the sticker set that you wish to purchase. You can choose to view the most popular or newest stickers, or search using keywords.

3. Select “Purchase” and choose a payment method to complete the purchase. You can also choose to send the sticker set to a friend by selecting "Send as a Gift.”

4. Open the LINE app on your smartphone, then go to “Settings” > “Stickers” > “Purchase History” to download the stickers. You can also access the sticker set’s download page directly by getting the URL from the creator of the set. For more details,


please see this page.


To find out more about how you can create your own stickers and sell them, please see the following website.




Create your one and only sticker set and make communication on LINE even more personal!



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