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Get Credit Worth up to JPY 2,500! Bonus Campaign Celebrating the Release of LINE Pay, LINE’s Money Transfer and Payment Service!

Beginning today, the LINE Store is now available in all countries offering the LINE service.

LINE’s new money transfer and payment service, LINE Pay, was released as part of today’s update!

You can use LINE Pay to send and receive money between friends, make online shopping payments and more, all through LINE!

The first place you can use LINE Pay for purchases in the LINE Store!

Don’t miss this guaranteed chance to get up to a 25% credit bonus (JPY 2,500) by charging your LINE Pay account with a credit card!

This credit can be used not only to purchase stickers and themes, but also LINE PLAY Gems, LINE Premium Call credit, LINE GAME Rubies and Coins, and more!
How to Use:
1. Tap charge shown on the LINE Store screen, then select LINE Pay from the charge card selection screen, and choose the amount you would like to charge.
2. The LINE Pay app will open up on your smartphone, so please check your purchase details and complete the purchase within 20 minutes.

- Please update the LINE app to the latest version in order to use LINE Pay.
- This bonus only applies to users charging their accounts with credit cards. If you want to purchase stickers or LINE GAME Rubies, please charge your account with a credit card first before making your purchases.

Supported Services:
・Creator’s Stickers
・LINE Premium Call
・LINE Family Apps

Don’t miss your chance to get up to JPY 2,500 credit, a nice early bonus for your holiday season from LINE. We hope you enjoy using LINE Pay to get bonus deals on LINE Store.